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Sport Soccer
Home city London
Series Soccer world championship
Team members 16 (Player list)
Charlie, profile photo

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Charlie, profile photo

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Mary, profile photo

Finally a victory. We won the first practice game of this seasons by 4-1 :)

Now just a few more rehearsals before the first series of matches. Don't forget to bring some more players to the practices.

Lana, profile photo

Wonderful boys and girls. It's good to start the season with a win!

Charlie, profile photo

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Contact Information

Contact person: Snoopy,, 555 123 4555

Team leader: Charlie Brown,, 555 123 4567

Local games we normally have Fridays at 20.00 at the park next to Big Ben. To be sure, ask beforehand!

It's easy to come by bus from the city center or by your own car, there is enough parking space. Address is ...


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